Thursday, December 29, 2011

Heaven is "For Really-Real"

Recently I read, Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. Love, LOVE, LOVE this book! Even if you are not a believer in Heaven or an afterlife, this is a must read. It's sweet, simple, short and leaves you full of hope--hope in death and in life.

This little boy has a near death experience and comes back telling how he got to hang out with Jesus up in heaven for a bit. Very cool. He got to meet the grandfather he had never met and the sister he never knew he had! Even cooler!

I finished reading it while laying on the beach in Gulf Shores, AL...try reading a book about heaven then watching a sunset on the beach...wowSince then I  have been increasingly thinking  more and more about Heaven. Who will I see? My grandpa. A friend from high school. Mr. Hetti, that sweet old man from church. Who else?

It was then the most incredible thought occurred to me! I will see people from THE PAST...not just my past but "THE PAST." From the First Century, from the Renaissance, from the Civil War, the early 19th century, FROM ALL TIMES! How amazing is that?

I love me some history so this epiphany is pretty much as good as it gets (from a history lover's perspective). Generations are able to overlap one another but are inevitably separated by death. Think about it. My great grandfather existed in his generation at the same time as his daughter/my grandmother existed in her generation. I am existing in my generation at the same time my grandmother is existing in her generation, but all three of us (my great grandfather, grandmother and myself) have never existed simultaneously because death has separated us. Death separates generations.  Make sense?

In heaven there is no death which means for the first time EVER, all generations coexist!! I will be hanging out with people from the past while very much in the present! Mind blowing! A journalist's dream! I'm not suicidal but WOW I'm looking forward to heaven even more!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Apples Falling from the Sky?

Anyone hear about the apples raining down on a British town?

lol! That's craziness! It is still unexplained but meteorologists are saying it's some kind of wind storm similar to a tornado that picks things up and carries it to another area. Sure it is. :) If food is going to fall from the sky I'm really glad it was apples...lots of nutrients! Didn't Disney Pixar make a movie about that...Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? Maybe this bizarre meteorological phenomenon is like a letter from God to the world...well...mainly the westernized people...

Dear Westerners,
Please put down the greasy foods and grab one of these! Bam! Apples! One a day keeps the doctor away and you people visit the doctor way too much can thank me later.


If this was a God-caused event...which who knows...anything is possible...isn't it kind of odd that He chose apples? Apples have been considered the "forbidden fruit" for milinea. You know the story; Eve ate the "apple" and caused sin to enter the world! Boo!!! So having apples fall from the heavens, well...with this kind of symbolism it God could mean all sorts of things like "this is a good spot for a garden." "I like apples." "Apples were not the forbidden fruit." Maybe there is no symbolism. Maybe the apples fell from heaven's banqueting table.:)

Check out the article when you get a chance. It made me smile and I'm sure it will make you smile as well. :)