Saturday, January 7, 2012

Things I Don't Understand...

While I have admittedly several blonde moments I am not a dumb person...and I don't even think my blonde moments are literally attributed to my hair color--which by the way is natural and becoming darker as I age. Any silly things I say, think or do, are in my opinion, because I have been naive to a lot of things going on in this world. Not a bad thing, it's just how I was raised. Kuddos to Mom and Dad (xoxoxo I love you both).

Life brings lots of experiences and naturally I have become less naive...a good thing...but there are still some things that have me confused and scratching my's my list:
1: The Lack of a Flat Tax: Taxes are such a fight'n-mad topic in this country...personally I think it's because of greed. Agood solution is a flat tax for everyone. Could someone tell me why we do not have a flat tax?
2: God. Just when I think I have Him slightly figured out...nope, I don't. He never ceases to amaze me.I have learned that I can't put Him in a box and restrict Him with my expectations and limitations. It's a good thing though...I like learning more about Him. :)
3: Organic Food. Not hate'n on organic food, I love it and buy it as often as possible, but could someone tell me why all food isn't organic? If organic food is the "real" food, non gentically modified and without pesticides, herbicides etc. then what is the food that is not organic? Kind of a creepy thought.
4: Area 51: Pretty self explanatory. What is that place and why does it exist if the governments says it doesn't? CREEPY!
5: Crimes against Humanity: Grr this gets me fight'n mad. Who has the right to hurt someone else--unless it's self defense? What justifies enslaving, murdering, neglecting and outcasting other people? Absolutely nothing. People who hate on others better watch out 'cause when hubby retires from the Army I am coming your way via the IJM! It's on!
6: Saggy Pants: Guys...seriously...NO ONE wants to see your underwear. Pull up your pants and buy a belt!
7: The Insanely Fast Progression of Technology: I can't keep up with all the new gadgets, bells and whistles....there is always a new more updated version to buy! Frankly it hurts my brain and I don't even try to keep up with the latest hot ticket technological item to own. Although I am kind of eyeing a Kindle Fire.

I'm sure there are more things I don't completely comprehend...I will add to the list when I come across something. :)