Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Resiliency...Army Wives Know That Word....

Ugh, Stephen leaves next week...the deployment begins. I knew it was coming, but it was still weeks away, and now it's a week away. :(. We had our pre-deployment briefing not long ago...nothing much new, same 'ole info for the most part, but I thought I might lose it if I heard the word "resilient," one more time. Yes, yes, resiliency is key to surviving in the Army/Military and basically life, but all I kept picturing in my head to conceptualize resiliency was that clown punching bag from my childhood that kept coming back for more after I  know I totally knocked that thing senseless....not a fun image...kind of frustrating actually. So I guess our family is like the clown punching bag now, and the deployment is the punch that keeps us "resilient?" That analogy just doesn't sit well with me, so I've been trying to think of other analogies to help me process the concept more thoroughly....   

Resiliency is like the elastic in my underwear that is able to miraculously go back to its original shape after each washing. LOL, well, that's true for at least some of my others, well, they need prayer.

Resiliency is like continuing to wear a pair of fabulously amazing high heels because they make you look awesome even though each step makes you cringe with pain. I totally did that on Sunday--thought I was dying!

Resiliency is like my beautiful begonias that continue to bloom against all odds--a drought, and our dog who has made my flower garden his urinal.

Resiliency is like the first batch of cookies I ever made--tough, refusing to crumble even after multiple attempts to be eaten.

So if I put these analogies together it means, basically, that if I'm resilient I am rolling with the punches, stretched--but never too far, looking amazing even when it hurts, blooming in the least likely of conditions, and too tough to crumble. Hmm...I guess being resilient isn't so reminds me of 2 Corinthians 4:8-10:

We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed. Through suffering, our bodies continue to share in the death of Jesus so that the life of Jesus may also be seen in our bodies.

Now that's RESILIENCY!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kids can

I've started a Bible Study on Romans...well let's say that I've been attempting to start a Bible Study in Romans. No kidding, I have been up an hour earlier every morning this week--with my cup of Tazo Awake Tea (so amazing)--Bible open, ready to dig in, and guess what happened each day? Oh yes, all of you moms out there know what happened--the kids woke up! Of course they did! Surprised? I shouldn't have been! How do they sense when my slumbering has ceased, and why do they feel the need to notify me so loudly when they wake up? Oh, the joyous mystery of children! 

Thinking ahead, I decided to have all of my Bible Study materials handy by my bedside ahead of time, so when morning came I wouldn't even have to get out of bed--they would never hear me when I woke up! Genius idea--in theory only. I'm pretty positive children--or at least my kiddos--have some freakishly in tune, highly sensitive ability to know when their parents are awake, and when to interrupt at pretty important/busy times. To prove my case in point, please consider the following two scenarios among many:

* While on the toilet, little hands appear under the door.  One kid attacks the other and you hear "Mom I need your help," but reply "I'm not much help on the toilet right now," or something along the lines of "Can't I go potty in peace." Ugh, yes, I say potty--you do too, admit it. :( lol.

* While you are on the phone your children decide to throw an epic tantrum, thus creating the worst background noise known to man, and you half threaten them with a sweet tone so you don't sound evil to the person on the other end of the line.

Kids just somehow know how to push our buttons when we have our hands full, when we are tired, when are busy, and sometimes it can be downright frustrating. As I was sorting through through the frustration of being unable to get through my Bible Study, the thought occurred to me that my kids are probably not trying to be "disruptions." They just want to be with me...they want my attention. They actually like me. They like me so much that I am the first person they want to run and see in the mornings (smile), and that makes me feel pretty good. So, I've decided that instead of just closing up shop on my Bible Study time when they wake up, I will include them! We can all  learn about Romans together, which will either be a great experience or enough to make them stay in bed until their alarm goes off, lol.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Son, Mr. Courageous

Mclain ran off the bus, chest puffed proudly and a smile stretched across his face. "I stood up for a kindergartner today! I stood up against a third grader!" he said, pretty proud of himself. 

That's my boy--my little second grader already has a knack for justice! It does my heart good! I hugged him, twirled him around and asked for the details...

"Well," he said pushing up his little wire frames. "This third grader was doin' inappropriate things to this kindergarten know, say'n mean things and all..., and you know how kindergartners look up to the third graders, right?"

I nodded--everyone knows that, lol. 

"Well," he continued. "I just couldn't stand by and let him pick on her so I walked up, crossed my arms so he would know I was serious and said, 'hey, please stop doin' inappropriate things,' and he said 'ok,' and then I hugged the kindergartner girl so she would know she was safe now, and then guess what?"


His eyes got big. "She asked for my autograph!"

"I'm not sure that last part happened...."

"Yeah, I made that up, but it would have been cool."

My son, Mr. Courageous--I love that kid! I'm proud of him. He did what was right even when it meant facing someone bigger than him...he's pretty bold--I could learn a lot from him.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Most Romantic Evening

I'm cozied up on the couch with my hubby. The kids are in bed, the lights are down low--an ideal setting for a romantic evening...meh, we'll just sit here and watch the history channel--WWII is always interesting to learn about. 

I'm still all sweaty and gross from my time at the gym, so there is nothing really romantic about my appearance. Cycling is looked like I spilled my water bottle on the seat when I was through! I would so rather exercise on a hoveround, lol--if those things can drive you to the Grand Canyon (so says the infomercial), I'm sure it could burn a few calories...or maybe not. Stephen's not looking so romantic-ish either, lol, holding his Mt. Dew can and fighting the urge to sleep. Geez, it's 9pm and we are wiped out--parenthood & life do that to ya I guess.

Though this may not seem like a "typical" romantic evening, it has had its highly romantic elements:
* Stephen came home holding an Iced Chai Tea Soy Latte and a Cake Pop in his hand, just for ME, for absolutely NO REASON! It's official--I have the most amazing husband ever! Not only did he surprise me, but he remembered my favorite Starbuck's drink!!! I feel so loved!
*After supper, he Stephen got up and did the dishes!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO HIGHLY ROMANTIC! 
*When I came home from the gym, my wonderful husband had the kids in bed all tucked in and snug as a bug! 

A dozen roses, shiny jewelry, fine dining--MOVE OVER; nothing says Romance like thoughtful expressions of love.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Car's been one of those weeks...

 School is in full swing, complete with homework, and I feel like I'm starting to get into the routine of things just in time to add Junior Pro Football the list of many things a full time mom puts on her agenda. I don't know why it surprises me how quickly the weeks fly by...I should have grasped the whole "time flies" concept years ago; it feels like I woke up Monday, packed my son's lunch and then fell through some time warp that spit me out on Thursday! 

It's just been one of those weeks, ya know? You know the kind--busy, hectic and then Murphy's Law assaults you. Early this week I found out my dad was in an accident at work, was hurt, but by the grace of God, was protected from far worse injury. On Tuesday, while on my way to PWOC (that's army speak for women's bible study), a lady pulled out in front of me. There was hardly enough time to stop. I braked, but still smashed into the tail end of her car. Thankfully, no one involved was seriously injured. My poor daughter was in tears! My first car wreck happened with my daughter in the back seat! Terrifying! Teenagers are supposed to wreck, not mothers! I am pretty stiff in the back area...I'm sure I wouldn't be feeling that if I was a teenager, not that I want to be--good grief, you couldn't pay me to relive my teen years! Anyway, the soreness is proof I'm getting

This week has definitely been a lesson in the value of prayers and friendships! God has been working overtime protecting me and my family this week since Murphy has picked a battle with us, and he has provided us with amazing friends to pray for our healing and protection, sit with us on the side of the road after the accident, and lend me a vehicle until mine is fixed! God is good and so are the people He puts in our lives.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Raising Little Boys...

My little boy started 2nd grade this week...sniff, sniff, tear, tear. Where did the time go? It's strange for him to be seven. In ten years he will be a Senior, applying to colleges, driving (YIKES), maybe even dating (I will highly discourage this...any girl interested will have to apply first not really kidding about the applying to date my son part). In ten years he won't be into star wars, transformers or the avengers...well, at 17 he may choose keep that obsession a secret. In ten years I will probably be totally uncool because I'm more than halfway there already....he doesn't laugh at my goofy faces like he used too, although he still rolls with laughter when we play chase by bunny hopping instead of running.

My little boy is growing up and it makes me crazy sad and happy at the same time!! Ugh...I need a tub of ice cream... :(...maybe I will skip on the ice cream as I flashback to this morning when my daughter was pointing and laughing while I got dressed...nice how a two year old can affect your self esteem. :)

As I think about my kiddos I can't help but notice how boys and girls are TRULY different; it's not just a theory. Raising little boys, it's different than raising girls...for example...
*Mclain fell the day before school; totally skinned up his knee and dotted his eye. Yes, he cried, but then perked up at the thought of having a black eye 'cause the guys in his class would think he was cool. What kind of logic is this?
*Willa and I look at the Magnolia tree in our front yard and see the beauty....Mclain sees a urinal. It's nice when the neighbors go by and see your son in all his glory "watering" the tree--as he claims.

Boys are rough little daredevils, but also so tenderhearted, and at times passionate. I love how he still gives me hugs and kisses, and waits for a bedtime story. Recently he was reading about Rosa Parks, and couldn't understand what the big deal was about not giving up her seat on the bus, because, after all, according to 2nd grade logic, the back of the bus is where the cool people sit. I tried my best to explain how African Americans were treated back then; it's like this awful stain on American History that's hard to talk about. He was totally upset and moved by this information, so later that day he said, "Mom, I've been inspired to write a song for African Americans."  It went like this. "I'm an African American. I'm an African American. I'm an African American and I'm FREE!" Nice. Sweet. Innocent. I'm hoping he doesn't sing it in public...somebody could take offense, but the point is, he was passionate about the topic and was moved to write a song.

Oh, the joy of raising little boys... :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Accidentally Went Missing Today

I'm settling down for the night, getting ready to take my vitamins (because your body heals at night and I wanna give it all the ingredients to do its job superbly)...made a batch of the pinterest inspired Peanut Butter Protein Fro-Yo (DOUBLE YUM!!), and was browsing through the site....UGH Deployment...I'm getting one of those persistent lumps in my throat thinking about it....ANYWAY, I have decided to make a deployment bucklist of my own, but not tonight, because tonight I HAVE to tell you how I had my neighborhood searching for me!

SO...after a long, wonderful day at the pool, I ran to the grocery store, came home, put the groceries on the counter, let the dog outside to do his thing and noticed that my neighbor's trash can was still by the curb and decided to put it away just to help her out a bit.  Her husband passed away a couple months back and I have been meaning to go see her, I just haven't :(. Today seemed like a good day to stop in...and I'm glad I did! She and I had a great time talking, so great in fact, that I lost track of time. Needless to say my hubby came home earlier than I expected only to find the door wide open, my shoes by the door, purse, groceries, and phone on the counter with no sign of me anywhere....yeah he freaked (hahhahaheehahaha). He should totally be a detective...he went through my phone records, checked my emails, called all of my friends in the area to piece together my whereabouts, EVEN checked my grocery receipt to see what time I had made the purchase....Genius! I had the man panicking....and yes, I do think it's kind of funny--yes, I guess it's sick and twisted but I couldn't help but laugh when he told me how freaked he was. He said his thoughts were 1: Who took my wife? I will destroy whoever took the woman I love ( I added that last part) 2: How am I going to tell our kids their mom is gone? Hannah was my soul mate! I will never love again! (I added the last two parts, lol).  It's sweet to think about the length he went to track me down . :) Our love knows no :)

So anyway...that is how I almost ended up on unsolved mysteries....oh, and btw, I called my friends in the area to let them know I was just fine and they could stop their search. You never know how special you are until you go missing on accident lol.