Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Accidentally Went Missing Today

I'm settling down for the night, getting ready to take my vitamins (because your body heals at night and I wanna give it all the ingredients to do its job superbly)...made a batch of the pinterest inspired Peanut Butter Protein Fro-Yo (DOUBLE YUM!!), and was browsing through the site....UGH Deployment...I'm getting one of those persistent lumps in my throat thinking about it....ANYWAY, I have decided to make a deployment bucklist of my own, but not tonight, because tonight I HAVE to tell you how I had my neighborhood searching for me!

SO...after a long, wonderful day at the pool, I ran to the grocery store, came home, put the groceries on the counter, let the dog outside to do his thing and noticed that my neighbor's trash can was still by the curb and decided to put it away just to help her out a bit.  Her husband passed away a couple months back and I have been meaning to go see her, I just haven't :(. Today seemed like a good day to stop in...and I'm glad I did! She and I had a great time talking, so great in fact, that I lost track of time. Needless to say my hubby came home earlier than I expected only to find the door wide open, my shoes by the door, purse, groceries, and phone on the counter with no sign of me anywhere....yeah he freaked (hahhahaheehahaha). He should totally be a detective...he went through my phone records, checked my emails, called all of my friends in the area to piece together my whereabouts, EVEN checked my grocery receipt to see what time I had made the purchase....Genius! I had the man panicking....and yes, I do think it's kind of funny--yes, I guess it's sick and twisted but I couldn't help but laugh when he told me how freaked he was. He said his thoughts were 1: Who took my wife? I will destroy whoever took the woman I love ( I added that last part) 2: How am I going to tell our kids their mom is gone? Hannah was my soul mate! I will never love again! (I added the last two parts, lol).  It's sweet to think about the length he went to track me down . :) Our love knows no :)

So anyway...that is how I almost ended up on unsolved mysteries....oh, and btw, I called my friends in the area to let them know I was just fine and they could stop their search. You never know how special you are until you go missing on accident lol.

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