Monday, August 20, 2012

The Most Romantic Evening

I'm cozied up on the couch with my hubby. The kids are in bed, the lights are down low--an ideal setting for a romantic evening...meh, we'll just sit here and watch the history channel--WWII is always interesting to learn about. 

I'm still all sweaty and gross from my time at the gym, so there is nothing really romantic about my appearance. Cycling is looked like I spilled my water bottle on the seat when I was through! I would so rather exercise on a hoveround, lol--if those things can drive you to the Grand Canyon (so says the infomercial), I'm sure it could burn a few calories...or maybe not. Stephen's not looking so romantic-ish either, lol, holding his Mt. Dew can and fighting the urge to sleep. Geez, it's 9pm and we are wiped out--parenthood & life do that to ya I guess.

Though this may not seem like a "typical" romantic evening, it has had its highly romantic elements:
* Stephen came home holding an Iced Chai Tea Soy Latte and a Cake Pop in his hand, just for ME, for absolutely NO REASON! It's official--I have the most amazing husband ever! Not only did he surprise me, but he remembered my favorite Starbuck's drink!!! I feel so loved!
*After supper, he Stephen got up and did the dishes!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO HIGHLY ROMANTIC! 
*When I came home from the gym, my wonderful husband had the kids in bed all tucked in and snug as a bug! 

A dozen roses, shiny jewelry, fine dining--MOVE OVER; nothing says Romance like thoughtful expressions of love.

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