Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Son, Mr. Courageous

Mclain ran off the bus, chest puffed proudly and a smile stretched across his face. "I stood up for a kindergartner today! I stood up against a third grader!" he said, pretty proud of himself. 

That's my boy--my little second grader already has a knack for justice! It does my heart good! I hugged him, twirled him around and asked for the details...

"Well," he said pushing up his little wire frames. "This third grader was doin' inappropriate things to this kindergarten know, say'n mean things and all..., and you know how kindergartners look up to the third graders, right?"

I nodded--everyone knows that, lol. 

"Well," he continued. "I just couldn't stand by and let him pick on her so I walked up, crossed my arms so he would know I was serious and said, 'hey, please stop doin' inappropriate things,' and he said 'ok,' and then I hugged the kindergartner girl so she would know she was safe now, and then guess what?"


His eyes got big. "She asked for my autograph!"

"I'm not sure that last part happened...."

"Yeah, I made that up, but it would have been cool."

My son, Mr. Courageous--I love that kid! I'm proud of him. He did what was right even when it meant facing someone bigger than him...he's pretty bold--I could learn a lot from him.

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  1. Way to go McLain! I'm so enjoying your posts, Hannah!