Monday, August 27, 2012

Kids can

I've started a Bible Study on Romans...well let's say that I've been attempting to start a Bible Study in Romans. No kidding, I have been up an hour earlier every morning this week--with my cup of Tazo Awake Tea (so amazing)--Bible open, ready to dig in, and guess what happened each day? Oh yes, all of you moms out there know what happened--the kids woke up! Of course they did! Surprised? I shouldn't have been! How do they sense when my slumbering has ceased, and why do they feel the need to notify me so loudly when they wake up? Oh, the joyous mystery of children! 

Thinking ahead, I decided to have all of my Bible Study materials handy by my bedside ahead of time, so when morning came I wouldn't even have to get out of bed--they would never hear me when I woke up! Genius idea--in theory only. I'm pretty positive children--or at least my kiddos--have some freakishly in tune, highly sensitive ability to know when their parents are awake, and when to interrupt at pretty important/busy times. To prove my case in point, please consider the following two scenarios among many:

* While on the toilet, little hands appear under the door.  One kid attacks the other and you hear "Mom I need your help," but reply "I'm not much help on the toilet right now," or something along the lines of "Can't I go potty in peace." Ugh, yes, I say potty--you do too, admit it. :( lol.

* While you are on the phone your children decide to throw an epic tantrum, thus creating the worst background noise known to man, and you half threaten them with a sweet tone so you don't sound evil to the person on the other end of the line.

Kids just somehow know how to push our buttons when we have our hands full, when we are tired, when are busy, and sometimes it can be downright frustrating. As I was sorting through through the frustration of being unable to get through my Bible Study, the thought occurred to me that my kids are probably not trying to be "disruptions." They just want to be with me...they want my attention. They actually like me. They like me so much that I am the first person they want to run and see in the mornings (smile), and that makes me feel pretty good. So, I've decided that instead of just closing up shop on my Bible Study time when they wake up, I will include them! We can all  learn about Romans together, which will either be a great experience or enough to make them stay in bed until their alarm goes off, lol.

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