Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Deployment Ride

It's been right at three months since Stephen deployed--6 more to go! Six months sounds like a long time, but I won't complain, it could be worse. The last deployment ended up being 15 months--ugh--so 6 more months is so doable!

Since he has been gone, I've been working on my Deployment Bucket List that I created. :)  To read more on that, click here.  Meh, it's coming along. I have cleaned the garage, which ended up being a terrifying experience after I uncovered the world's last known prehistorically large centipede hanging out behind some boxes. Yeah, I totally screamed. Just like I wanted, I turned portions of the kitchen into chalkboards, YAY, and I have been slowly redecorating our bedroom. Still on the high priority end is to update the kiddo's rooms! 

On this deployment I have learned how to use a saw and drill without destroying my project. I have learned how to change air filters! I've learned the power of meal planning! I've also learned how to make a few mean freezer meals--I will totally share those recipes with you all soon! A lesson that I continue to learn is just how  "enough" God is for me when I'm laying in bed at night wishing Stephen was cuddled next to me, or when I'm drained from a day of chasing sticky, screaming kids...God is enough. He provides enough energy for me, enough rest, enough peace, enough protection. He provides me with enough of everything to get me through the next day, and the next, and the next.  There have been highs and lows on this deployment ride, and there will be more, but I know that God will always be enough and all that I need to get me through.  

I've also  learned that the greatest way to make the best of this crazy deployment ride is by sharing the journey. A portion of sharing that journey has opened up several windows of opportunity, to include the world of writing. Yep, I did it! I completed a novel and am working tirelessly to find a publisher to sweep me off my feet. My first interview went out recently, check it out by clicking here! :) 

Six more months to go...bring it! 


  1. Hannah, I just love this. YOU amaze me. I admire your attitude, your courage, and your reliance on God. And the fact that you tackled a dead centipede just about has ME screaming! You go girl! :)

    So excited to hear about these awesome freezer meals. Must know more!! It was such a joy to have you on my blog!

    1. Thank you, Joanne! You are pretty amazing yourself! And yes, hahaha, facing the centipede was quite the adventure!! I'm such a warrior! :) And the freezer meals will be coming soon!! :) Get your taste buds ready! :) Thank you again for hosting me on your rock my world! :)

  2. Hannah~
    Girl you are one strong mamma! I'm glad I stumbled upon your bog, I can't wait to read more
    Good luck with the book!

    1. Thanks Marcy!! You made me smile!! :) :) I'm really glad you stumbled on my blog!! Yay!