Friday, February 22, 2013

Healthy from the Inside Out--Minus the Parasites

Retreat in the CountryTaking time for yourself is a must. We all need rest and rejuvenation. I decided to take time for myself by spending a rest filled and rejuvenating spa weekend with my best gal pals in the world at Retreat in the Country in Frankfort, Indiana.  A big shout out to the Morgan's for the best weekend ever--well, best weekend ever until Stephen gets back home. Another big shout out to my Mom and Dad who watched my kiddos for the entire weekend! My family is amazing!

This was no ordinary spa. Oh yes I detoxed, and learned what it means to eat clean, but to be completely honest, this past weekend was more like spiritual retreat. Where do I even begin? Let's start with the blood!
The owner of the spa, Mrs. Kim Dunn, took a sample of my blood and was able to tell me things about my health that was...well...terrifying....incredible...and all together enlightening. Scripture says that life is in the blood. I'm even more convinced!
 The needle stung more than I thought it would. No judging. 
Check out the computer screen. Yup. That's my blood frolicking around. Did you know red blood cells glow! It was so amazing to see!

What did my blood reveal about my health? Ugh. I really don't want to tell you but I have to. Embarrassment aside for the good of all those reading, I learned that I have heavy metals in my blood/body. How did they get there? Yeah, I asked that too. Well, the environment, canned foods (tomatoes are the worse), tap water, any vaccines or flu shots I may have had, hair coloring, skin and hair products, and painting. I use Shaklee all natural cleaners, so I know that no metals or chemicals were in my blood from cleaners. These metals need to come out A: for my brain health and prevention of Alzheimer's, and B: to get rid of my fat cells. These metals are hanging around in my fat cells living it up, making me jiggle, and I've had it with them! So I'm getting rid of those bad boys with ionic foot baths, infra red saunas, and a heavy metal detox spray . Children with Autism often have high amounts of heavy metals in their blood. A heavy metal detox is often beneficial for children with Autism. 

What else did my blood tell me? 
"You're healthy!" She tells me, and then dives into a list of not so good things about my blood that made my skin crawl...

  • She could tell that I have been under stress for a very long time. Um, yes, aren't we all? Stress is such a killer! It leads to 80% or more of diseases. SO...I have to work on deep breathing and making sure I'm getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night.
  • My body really likes and needs more vitamin B, which I knew. 
  • I have distress in my right lung more than likely from air pollution and being around second hand smoke. Nice. 
  • I have undigested fat floating around in my blood like they're having a block party or something! This means I'm having a digestive issue and should take a digestive enzyme. Will do.
  • I need to cut my carbs. I thought eating multi-grain stuff was okay...guess I eat too much of it.
  • And um...I have parasites. UGH! I'm so disgusted with myself. Apparently most people have them. Most, if not all pet owners have them. Cat people are worse, lol. You get parasites from shaking hands, sharing drinks/food, touch shopping carts, letting your pets lick you and basically anywhere people are gathered. Yes, even church. No one wants bugs, and these parasites take joy in sucking the nutrients from our body. Click here for symptoms of parasites. I say, death to them all! How to get rid of them? Up your raw garlic and onion intake. There is also an herbal remedy by Pure Herbs, Ltc. called W.-W, that I'm giving to the kiddos right now and putting in the dog's water.  
  • On a positive note, she really liked the vitamins I take....

 Gross stuff coming out of my body during the detoxing ionic foot bath

Me getting ready for the best massage in the world!

I'm not new to natural health and wellness, by any means. I've been a Shaklee distributor for awhile and have had the privilege of helping others create a healthy and happy home the natural way. However, what I learned this this weekend was like adding a new dimension to what it really means to be healthy, and I have been left even more in awe at the intricate way in which God designed our bodies and intended them to function. It's difficult for me to try to cram everything I learned this weekend  into a blog post. To help summarize I think I'm gonna use those oh so trustworthy bullet points. 

  • Drinking hot lemon water 20 minutes before breakfast not only helps with digestion but it helps to cleanse the liver and gallbladder. 
  • Ice cold water helps you lose weight, but should be consumed in the afternoon. Drinking too much ice water over stimulates your body and can weaken it.
  • Room temperature water is good for hydrating the body
  • Drink purified water. This place had a filter that would put back in the important minerals we needed. It rocked! Literally, it had rocks in it.
  • Use Sea Salt when cooking. It has the minerals our body needs and table salt does not.
  • Whole milk is better for our body than skim or 2 %. Taking the fat out of milk just makes it like drinking sugar and sugar is the anti-nutrient. She buys her milk from the Amish.
  • We should eat foods as close to the way God made them. Raw veggies, raw fruits. She said that if milk naturally has fat in it, then that's the way we should drink it. Everything in moderation of course.
  • Some veggies, like broccoli, unlock more nutrients when steamed that we couldn't get if we ate them raw.
  • Most, if not all American's should take a digestive enzyme. I can hook you guys up with that, click here.
  • Chewing your food thoroughly is the first process of digestion. Enzymes in our saliva start the digestion process, so busy Mom's like me, HAVE to remember to slow down and chew!
  • Everything is made of energy. With that said, negative emotions can be stored in our body and cause health problems. When the Bible talks about unforgiveness being a bad thing, that goes for our health too. 
  • Positive emotions are also stored in our bodies. A good thing. When the Bible talks about thinking on good, pure, noble things, there's a health benefit that goes with thinking positive. 
  • Our blood type actually gives us a HUGE clue as to how we should eat. I dare you to google "Eat right for your blood type." 
  • No one should ever eat pork. Sigh. I miss bacon already. When God gave strict food laws to the Jewish people there were medical reasons behind everything He said NOT to eat. Pork happens to be an animal infested with parasites. Yes, the parasites die when the meat is cooked, but their bodies still remain and so do all of the toxins from their little parasite poo poo.  
  • Anything fried is toxic to the body and you are literally eating cancer causing agents. Ugh. Huff. Goodbye my deep fried fatty filled foods.

My brain hurts from revisiting all of this information! I highly encourage you to check out the Retreat in the Country and the services they offer, and if you lovely people ever have any health and wellness questions, shoot'em my way. I'm happy to help.  I hope you are able to take away something that will help to make you and your family healthy from the inside out ---minus the parasites. :) 

Me and The Morgan's rested up, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world! 

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