Friday, April 5, 2013

Must Read: Though My Heart is Torn

Second in the Cadence of Grace Series, Though My Heart is Torn, made its debut just days ago, and is climbing the charts!

Author, Joanne Bischof has wowed her readers again! Last I heard it was #12 in the Christian Romance world of books. No. 12 is nothing to sneeze at--What an ACCOMPLISHMENT!! :) However, right now, Though My Heart is Torn, is definitely No. 1 on Hannah Conway's chart, and we all know, that's what really matters. :) lol :)

We rejoin Gideon and Lonnie O'Reilly, and celebrate that they are finally happily married and enjoying the joys of parenthood. Their Happily Ever After soon turns into the possibility of a Never Ever After when Gideon gets word that he isn't officially divorced from his first wife that Lonnie knew nothing about! GASP!! The law states Gideon has to return to his first wife who now refuses to divorce! BIGGER GASP! Lonnie is forced to take their child and live apart from Gideon as he tries to settle in his new married life with a woman he believes he can never love.

This pickle of a predicament leaves Lonnie and Gideon's hearts torn. It seems that their life together is over, and another life is being forced upon them. How can they move on?

This book keeps you invested. The characters come to life and you struggle with them in their journey. A MUST READ!

I know you're grabbing your purse and racing out the door to get your copy now, BUT hold your horses! Before you dive into Joanne Bischof's latest masterpiece, you HAVE to read the first in the series, Be Still My Soul.

Okay. Now you can go buy both!

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