Saturday, July 27, 2013

Welcome Home Ceremony! Oh YES We waived our flags!

Us, pushing play on our lives together again! :)


Ten Months, 12 Days since I last kissed my Hunky Hunk of Love'n Husband (he loves that name, lol). 

Not our longest deployment, but long enough! Hours of waiting in an airplane hanger, temperatures that made the equator look like a pansy, surrounded by anxious family members donning patriotic clothing, and no shortage of American flags--now those are the ingredients for a good 'ole Welcome Home Ceremony! 

Spirits were high, the energy higher! Anticipation doesn't even scratch the surface of what I was feeling. Nervous? You bet. Excited? Um, yeah. Just plain ready to get my man back? Totally. Ready to to get out of my high heels? Please Jesus make it soon! lol. We waited, AND waited. Then waited some more. And when we were done waiting, guess what? Yup. There was more waiting! :) BUT SOON, we all tunneled toward the runway, and searched the skies for the plane...waiting once more. :) 

You wouldn't believe the sound that erupted from the crowd as the plane touched down! Their cheers, lol...grew louder as the men filed from the plane. Everyone had been waiting for this moment. Our men were home safe, boots on the ground, and would be in our arms soon.

Like most families there, we weren't new at this deployment bit, so I knew when the soldiers were released, a flood of families would pour from the bleachers spilling into the sea of camo. Staying put, up high on the bleachers was my best chance of him finding us--and he did!! To see him again...kiss him...hold him grab our children up in his friends, there are no words to describe. Priceless. One of those moments in life that you store in your heart and treasure, pondering how unspeakably precious it is.  

So he's home!!!! I want to thank you all for following us through this journey, and I would love to share a bit our excitement with ya'll. Please enjoy the video clip, and pictures below! Feel free to leave comments & share this post with your friends and family. :) XOXOXO! :) 

Here they come!

All the pics!


  1. This is so exciting and I am SOOOO happy for you all!!!!

    1. Thank you Joanne! It was soooo very exciting!