Friday, February 6, 2015

Guest Reader Ann Knopp: A Journey of Stories

Welcome, Dear Readers. This year I've set out to get to know you better, hear your story, your lessons learned, trials, triumphs, recipes, and fun projects. I want to hear what you have to say, and so do a whole host of others.

Today we welcome Mrs. Ann Knopp! Thank you for being here with us today.
Meet Ann!
My name is Ann Knopp.  I am a pastor’s wife and mother of 2 basketball-playing boys (well, young men) who are die-hard, true-blue Kentucky fans.  In my free time, I work full-time at a nearby high school in the office and am also the women’s minister for our church.  I have a true heart for ministering to women.  My goal in life is to always leave a positive impact on lives wherever I go.
A Journey of Stories

Hi!  I am so thankful that Hannah has allowed me to share my story even though I feel that my life is just that – a journey of stories.  As I was thinking about what I should write, ideas of my 110 pound weight loss journey came to mind, as well as my dating life (which didn’t start until I was 24 and was short-lived because I married him a year later.J ).  I thought about my God-rockin’ experience moments when He shared snippets of what I would do with my future.  But when I narrowed it down to a theme, it basically came down to my life’s theme – encouragement.  God has allowed my life to go down many paths but in every path, my question is always, “Who can I encourage today?”
I began an encouragement program at a school where I worked in Tennessee. I was allowed to have parents write letters to every student, teacher and staff in the school to let them know how important and valuable they were.  It was amazing to see the confidence soar in not only the kids’ attitudes but also in test scores because they knew someone cared.  Teachers and staff seemed brighter knowing they were appreciated.
I took my love for encouraging into my church as the women’s minister and had a great 2014 with the theme being “It’s Not About Me.”  This year, our theme is “Faithful in All Things.”  We started our ladies’ night in January by studying 2 John.  John is admonishing a lady and her children for doing what they are supposed to do but also warning those at the same time to not grow weary and start listening to people that aren’t of God.  In today’s society, there are so many distractions to lead us away from where our focus needs to be (especially during all holidays).  We do well for a while and then start to get lazy in our focus.  Our job is to strip away all that hinders us and get back to the basics in the Truth.  So during our meeting, we stripped the room of decorations, food and tables and left a single table with a candle lit and the Lord’s Supper on it with a circle of chairs connecting to each side of the table.  We took the focus back to Jesus and why He came in the first place – to die for our sins.  It was a very powerful evening.
My desire is to always encourage others whether it be in weight loss, keeping a strong marriage, your walk with the Lord or just to hold someone up when they are travelling through some dark times and can’t see any light.  I pray that if you need encouragement this year, email me at or facebook message me at Ann Luck Knopp.  I love to share my story and all that God is doing in and through me. 
May God bless you tremendously this year!
Much love to you!
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