Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Angels Among Us: A Christmas Short Story Collection 
Indeed, God's Angels are among us! 

What a joy it was to join together with Kim and Darlene, two fantastic authors, to bring these fictitious stories to life! Truly an honor to join forces with these talented ladies.

I've never written a Christmas themed story, nor ever considered doing so until the offer came...and then my mind went berserk with ideas, scenarios etc.  Of course I wanted it to have a military-ish theme...that's kinda part of my writer thing. So, after several brainstorming sessions, and hair-pulling (exaggerating a bit), it came together.

My tale, Brighter than a Bronze Star, follows Zander, a warrior angel embarked on a mission far from his comfort zone and in close proximity to the mortal world. Lives are at stake, dark forces swarm around, and Zander must not fail even when God's orders are unclear, and difficult to obey.

Along the way, you'll meet Judah, an Army medic questioning his life path, and Claire, a young editor addicted to work to keep past hurts from catching up to her.

Will Zander succeed in his mission, or will the enemy prevail? Will Judah find his path or continue to wonder aimlessly? Will Claire discover the strength she needs to let go and move forward, or remain captive to her hurt?

This Christmas, angels are among us in the most unique way! Enjoy these three short stories for .99 on Amazon, or FREE on Kobo.

Merry Christmas, Dear Reader!

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