Friday, January 15, 2016

The 1888 Journal: Mysteries & Entries part 1

Awhile back I came across this pocket-sized journal at an antique store in Nashville, dated 1888. HAD to have it! It inspired the post The Journal and the Journey: The One Who Knows the Way, but it hasn't stopped inspiring or intriguing me. 

I’ve kept the little book on my writing desk, and looked it over many times thoroughly enjoying the entries—as close to time travel as I will ever get.  

 It wasn’t difficult to picture the owner—a young lady, mid-teens more than likely, modest attire. I picture her hair done up in a neat bun, custom to the time period. Educated, church going, and cares for her family, even helping out neighbors. Her evenings are spent working on stitch-work, and visiting with family. Peaceful really.

I’m not certain of the owners name, or residence, only can I speculate given the clues she leaves, but I'm certain many people will find her entries, and the mysterious abrupt ending, interesting.
Her writing is soft, elegant, and often times difficult for me to read or make out, so bear with me as I translate the entries, and feel free to look at the images and help me figure out some of the words.

The plan is to post her entries on the actual day she wrote them, but of course, this year has begun, and I’m behind—imagine that!

Please share this post. Perhaps we may be able to find out more about her, her life, or even locate living descendants.

Let's begin! I think this journal once belonged to Sirra Hunt (That’s what I see…do you see another name)

Name: Sirra? Hunt?

 Sun. Jan 1, 1888
Cold, storming, and lonesome.
At home, all day. Aunt Maria stayed here last night and went away this morning.

 Mon. Jan 2, 1888
Went to school this forenoon, and stayed at home, “dumphed [not sure what that word is] up”  this afternoon.

Tues. Jan 3, 1888
Went to school

Wed. Jan. 4, 1888
Went to school & went to meeting this evening [I can’t help but wonder what kind of meeting!!]

Thurs. Jan. 5, 1888
Went to school.
Geo. [not sure if this is correct] Prority [again unsure of name] here this evening

Fri. Jan. 6 , 1888
Went to school.
Mother, Scottie & I went over to Ona [not certain of name] Knapp’s this evening.

Sat. Jan. 7, 1888
A little stormy.
Helped do the work and wash. Cornmal [unsure of word]—
Need a pair of whislets [unsure of word] this evening

Sun. Jan. 8, 1888
Went to meeting twice. [What meetings!!???]

Mon. Jan. 9, 1888
Went to school. Received a letter from B. M. H [oooohhh…a secret crush? Or something to do with the meetings?]


  1. This is way too much fun!
    Could Sirra actually be Sina?
    Likely Geo. Prouty
    Meetings - definitely church, especially when there are 2 on Sunday
    I believe it is Mr. Knapps - look at the M on previous entries.

    1. I'm sooo glad you think it's fun!!! I totally agree! I think Sirra could be Sina...such an interesting name!! And that George or a title of some sorts? Can't wait to post more entries!!! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Ooh, and Knapp was a family name and seemed to be a big figure in West/East Dover, NH. Remembering when we chatted before that Brattleboro was mentioned and there is only; one Brattleboro in the USA. Now I can't wait to get back up to New England when I have time to go there. Frustratingly I can't find many of these names besides Knapp in the 1890 census. Gah! I am so obsessed now.