Friday, September 16, 2016

A "God Book" Review from the Sweetest Source: A Child's View of Jesus

I’ve had the privilege to write books, read incredible works by many authors, and the honor of reviewing them on my blog, or vendor sites like Amazon, Goodreads, etc. However, my reviews have NOTHING on the book review my little girl gave last night of her “God Book.”

Absolutely PRECIOUS. MELT MY HEART PRECIOUS. A TREASURE to hear the gospel coming from her sweet voice. What a beautiful sound from a child’s simple perspective. To view the wonder of who Jesus is through her eyes caused such awe & wonder…amazement in me! And there’s a new-ness, even a sparkle in the way she presents Jesus—an almost giddiness! I love it, I want it! It helps me remember what it was like when I first became a follower of Christ, and how exciting it was!

I went to bed smiling, and watched her review at least ten times!

“That was fun, mommy. Can we do that again?” She’s hooked on video book reviews, and I had to nod my head.

I’m POSITIVE this child’s review of anything she reads will be better than what I could ever write. PLEASE ENJOY this absolutely beautiful “God Book” review.

One proud Momma here!

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