Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Great Lion Dream :)

First of all I want to take a second and savor the silence in my house...hubby, kids and the dog are all fast asleep, NICE.......ok, enough savoring.

So...for MANY weeks, if not months I have been having this dream that a lion, yes, like a ROAR kind of lion, is in my room, craziness I know, but the dream freaks me out every time! Who wouldn't be freaked out?  In the dream I just open the door to a room, any room really, but mainly my bedroom, and there either stands or sits this HUGE lion. He's not aggressive by any means, he just turns and looks at me with those large, yellow, cat eyes and then I quickly close the door and wake up like I'm having a heart attack!

Have you all ever had a dream that just sticks with you and you can't shake it or a dream that seems so real you actually feel like it is? This is that kind of dream. What does it mean? Does it have meaning?

I do feel like God can still talk to us in dreams...maybe He comes to comfort us, encourage us, give us direction, warn us or all of the above...I think it's just a cool way He can use to communicate. :) Not that I'm saying God is trying to tell me something, my subconscious could be just completely loony, which is probably likely....ugh, if only I had a dream interpreter like Joseph in the Bible who interrupted for the head honcho.

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