Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First Kiss

Who remembers their first kiss? I'm not sure my first kiss counts. I was in the first grade, on a school bus, and the boy beside me leaned in, and then kissed my cheek. I punched him and blacked his eye--one of my finer moments, I confess. I'm not ashamed of the fact that I pack a pretty good punch--for a girl. :) So that was my first kiss...though, like I said, I don't think it counts.

There were other kisses, yes, but the one I'm thinking about is the first kiss my husband and I shared. I kind of had this moment of nostalgia the other day while sitting in the backyard at my mom and dad's home watching my kids play in the playhouse my brother and I used to play in as children. This is the same backyard where my hubby and I first kissed. Watching my son and daughter laughing and running struck me as somewhat poetic...I was watching the product of our love in the spot where Stephen and I first fell in love. Isn't that kind of beautiful? :)

I was 17...he was 18, about to leave for college and I was starting my senior year of high school. It was dark outside, nearing curfew and he would have to go home soon--I'm sure mom and dad were keeping an eye on the clock and on our location. :) The stars were out and that's where we were...sitting under them, making plans for our future...after college, after marriage...where we would travel, how many kids we would have, etc. He hadn't dared to kiss me and we had been dating for several months, but this night--I guess the stars and the talk of our future made him bold. Our first kiss was sweet, perfect and under the stars. Does it get any more romantic than that?

So, I'm curious...where was your first kiss or at least the kiss that counts?

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