Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nerdy Hannah History Moment: The 5th of July

Has anyone ever thought of what July 5th would have been like in 1776?  Most of the colonies probably hadn't even heard that American Independence had been declared on the 4th, and probably not even on the 5th..When they did hear the news, were they shocked? I would dare to say no, however,  the British people were probably somewhat shocked--who knew those yanks would actually have made good on their threats? I mean, the British totally had seen the declaration coming, what, with all the riots and the tarring and feathering of many their troops--what else says "a revolution is coming" like tar and feathers?

Just because we declared independence on July 4, 1776, doesn't mean that's when we received it. Independence actually came in 1781 when we won the war, and then the British didn't really agree to leave America until 1783, which kind of means we--Americans--only thought we were our own country seven years before the Brits declared that we actually were. Hmm.

So anyway, for most Americans during 1776, who had not heard "the news," the 5th of July would have been no different than the 4th, but for those who had heard, I would say they must have walked a little taller than the redcoats on patrol that day.

Just a little nerdy historical rant...

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