Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Stepped in Poo the Other Day...

Motherhood--it brings tears to my eyes for several different reasons. 

On many occasions, I find myself tearing up over the mere thought of my little boy and girl growing up, and on other occasions, I find myself tearing up, hair frazzled and fighting off an anxiety attack because my daughter has colored the carpet with a permanent marker (true story). 

I love making homemade play-dough with my kiddos. I love reading them stories. I love the funny things they say and do--that list is practically infinite. I love how they wrap their little arms around my neck and say "I love you Mommy," (I'm tearing up thinking about it!). I love the fact that my kisses heal any boo boo. I love so many things about being a Mom, but sometimes what I love about being a Mom can be overshadowed by the craziness of motherhood. Take for example, the other day, when I stepped in poo...yes poo.

I had scrubbed the whole house clean--Stephen had been gone for training and was coming home, so I wanted the house looking shipshape for his return. I was getting the last load of clothes in and was about to get my little girl ready for bed when it happened. I opened up the bathroom door--smearing the poo in the process--and then stepped right in a big heaping pile of it!! Yep, it went between my toes and all! Naturally, I accused our dog, screamed at him accordingly, and then banished him to the yard, where he stayed until I noticed that little Miss Willa was the one covered in poo and saying "Shoo, I stink Mommy."

Yes, I shed tears, but they were the "I'm about to lose it" kind of tears. My beautiful clean floor was no longer clean...the hall carpet now sported little poopy footprints, and my freshly bathed daughter was now filthy!  Stephen would be home in just a few hours and my house not only smelled horrible, but it looked like a poo grenade had gone off!!

What did I learn from this experience? Well...I learned a great deal about controlling my anger, and choosing to respond in love--even if it was through gritted teeth. I learned that the smell of baby poop seems to smell more foul, and has this ability stink longer than any other kind of poo. I learned the value of a steam mop (applause for the Shark!). I learned that even covered in poo, my daughter is still beautiful, and I learned that infantrymen are used to smelling smelly smells and don't really notice if a toddler had pooped in the floor--why did I even bother cleaning it up, lol?

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