Friday, July 27, 2012

The Blessings of Being an Army Wife

With yet another deployment lurking around the corner I find myself, now more than ever, focusing on the many positive things in my life--Momma always said to count your blessings...or was that an old hymn we used to sing at church?

I could go on and on and on about the difficulties of military life, especially when it comes to's simply not fun to send your hubby away in a war zone and then keep it all together for the sake of your kids and your sanity--it's hard to do.

SO...I'm counting my blessings...all the positive things about being an Army Wife, going through a deployment and whatever else I can come up with that will be a silver lining...I'm going to think positive!

1: This deployment is only 9 months...rumor has it, it could be shorter...
2: Deployment means that I don't have to shave my legs judging, this is seriously a perk!
3: Deployment means I can order a veggie pizza (Stephen doesn't like veggies on his pizza).
4: Army Wife Blessing: It's nice to not have to be too concerned with the health care debate/issue...our insurance is pretty nice
5: Army Wife Blessing: I've met some really amazing women, some best friends, and great experiences through moving around
6: Deployment/Army Wife Blessing: I feel like this life gives me an opportunity to live in much of what happens in the military life requires a great deal of faith, and I have been able to see God do totally cool things when I put my trust in Him.
7: Deployment Blessing: There will be extra pay which means I can finally put my student loans to death ONCE AND FOR ALL (MWWAAAHHAAHAA!), or at least chop them up smaller!
8: Deployment: Absence makes the heart grow's true, and I always seems to appreciate Stephen more when he is gone...sad to admit that :(
9: Deployment means there should be a ball coming up soon....I LOVE BALL GOWN SHOPPING....
10: Deployment means I get to be the master of the tv remote for 9 months, laugh, but this is a nice perk!
11: I live 2 hours from my family...SUCH a blessing, especially during a deployment....if I feel like I'm going crazy, I can just drive up the road and drop the kiddos off with Mom and Dad for the day

I'm sure there will be more blessings and perks to add, but right now I have laundry to do! :) OH,

12: Deployment means less laundry to do! lol :)
13: Deployment means that I will be buying less toilet paper while he is away...not that I use more when he is home, WE use more...this is just embarrassing to talk
14: While Stephen is away I will be able to fix breakfast for supper! HELLO PANCAKES & OMELETS!


  1. I always have to buy less TP when Erica is off on a business trip... ;)

  2. Deployment blessing ... breakfast for dinner, and dinner is at 9 pm!

    1. LOL! I'm adding that one too! I LOVE Breakfast for supper...Stephen is not a fan of breakfast and definitely not a breakfast for supper