Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey Has Nothing to do with Sunglasses....

No, I haven't read the latest book craze, Fifty Shades of Grey-- why does everyone keep asking me? On an outing to the bookstore, I picked up a copy to read the back didn't catch my attention, so I asked a few of my friends about it and...well...I blushed...well, giggled then blushed.

"Everyone" says the plot is a good one...that's great and all, but I can't get over the fact that it's erotica (that word sounds so eww dirty), which is a nice way of saying pornography, right? I just can't bring myself to read something I would feel uncomfortable with my husband watching--which by the way, I heard it through the google grape vine that there are movie plans in the making. Why is it okay for me to read sexually explicit material and expect my husband to pass on the latest hot-naked-ladies magazines? It's not.

Though I am no expert, and totally the sinner of all sinners, Proverbs 4:23 tells us to guard our hearts because it is the wellspring of life. Doesn't guarding our hearts include what we watch, listen to and read? Like I said, I'm no expert at guarding my heart, but addiction to pornography is a slippery slope that has been the downfall of many men, women and families.  I feel like Fifty Shades of Grey has the potential to push someone down that slippery slope. My advice is to stay as far away from the slippery slope as possible, don't even toy with the idea of flirting with it. I say this fully understanding that my convictions are not necessarily your convictions, but for me, this is something I feel uneasy about reading. If you feel fine with it, then more power to you. :) 

All that to say, Fifty Shades of Grey is not about the color of my sunglasses and is not on my summer reading list ...and don't call me a prude. Hugs :) 

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