Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Teen Hannah's Ultimate Summer Goal

Who hasn't noticed the crazy heat wave sucking the life out of veggie gardens across America? Thanks to an awesome soak hose set on a timer, mine is hanging in there. :) 

Oh those Hot Summer Days....funny how we complain about them when they are here, and look forward to their return when they are gone. There is something almost magical about summer, agree?  It's definitely exciting, and it kind of gives off this lure of romance too--think of all the summer romance novels and movies that readers and movie-goers alike binge on.....hmm....it kind of reminds me of my teen years....travel to the past with me...

Ten years ago my summertime was focused on finding the perfect bikini, squeezing in ten more minutes at the tanning bed, and what flavor of lip gloss I should buy. My ultimate summer goal:  procure a summer fling just like one in Mariah Carey's music video "Always be my baby," (Click to watch and be inspired, lol). You know the one, where girl meets boy at a summer camp, and they sneak off at night to go swing on a tire-swing that overlooks a lake--yeah, that one. To this day I love tire swings! 

No judging my dear viewers, I'm sure, actually I'm positive, most girls have dreamed of a summer romance. So, you ask, did I ever achieve my goal? Well, after spending nearly every week of my summer vacations from 6th through 11th grade at Christian camps--all of which unfortunately had neither a lake nor a tire swing--I never found my summer romance prospect UNTIL, I stopped looking and realized there were better goals in life to pursue. :) 

My, my, how things have changed. My summer goals now are quite different--painting the kids rooms, making homemade play-dough, play-dates and pool parties. Now I'm like, "Ugh, I don't want to get in a bathing suite, who has time for the tanning bed--I don't want skin cancer--and I'll wear lip gloss only if I remember it and if I have a coupon for that."  

BTW, my hubby was my one and only summer fling...we've been summer flinging it for nine years now, well eleven if you count the dating years. :) 

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