Saturday, October 20, 2012

Deployment Bucketlist

Deployment Bucket List: UPDATED :) 

Disclaimer: I had to write a few things on the list that I have already done to make me feel more productive--I know you totally do that too! ;)

1: Organize the Garage  Um...I may need to do that again
2: Organize Laundry Area
3: Organize Top of the Fridge
4: Paint Kid's Rooms (And add shelving...)
5: Paint Our Master Bath  (Need to figure what design) Got a brain cramp trying to figure out what color
6: Clean Carpets (Or just pray for them)
7: Redecorate Master Bedroom
8: Start a Bible Study
9: Stencil the Book Shelf in the Living Room...and the one in our bedroom Not
10: Spend Saturday's Playing with the Kids and creating an awesome Pinterest craft/game idea!
11: Take the Kid's Somewhere AWESOME for Spring Break  With the Fam in Ohio!!
12: Camp Out in the Living Room with the Kiddo's at least once a month   Did that like 4 times!!
13: Learn How to Sew It's just sad how bad I am...I should get a sewing machine to help me :) 
14: Figure Out Which Pinterest Crafts I Want to Do and Then Schedule Time to Do It!
15: Get a Pedicure or Massage Once a Month  um...nope...that was a lofty dream, huh?
16: Go See a Movie With No Kids With Me
17: Organize Emergency/Important Papers in the Firebox
18: Clean Out Kid's Closets
19: Make Chalkboard for the Kitchen          It looks so cute!
20: Create and Area for the Kid's Artwork      Did it! 
21: Stencil Wall in Living Room  Almost done...sorta...maybe soon...I think???
22: Create a Workout Routine
23: Finish Family Yearbooks on Snapfish, but there's still time
24: Pay off Student Loans!! Woohoo! (I'm so taking a pic of my smiling face with the last payment in my hand!)  ALMOST...soon!!
25: Volunteer more in the community I did! :) 
26: Have Dad teach me how to build stuff...gotta learn if I am gonna be a Pinterest Pro  Kinda did that
27: Go out of my way to encourage others (a good reason to hit up )
28: Finish Reading the 5 Love Languages for Kids and begin to fluently speak my kiddo's love language
29: Pray Psalm 91 over my husband and his men every night  Did it, still doing it...won't stop doing it!
30: Clean car thoroughly!
31: Keep my car nice and tidy (yeah..that's gonna be a hard one...but I'm on my way!)  Sorta doing's kind of a work in progress

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