Friday, October 26, 2012

Things I Thought I Would NEVER Say...or hear!

My Little Angels :)  Yes, She is Screaming.

Motherhood! That says it all! lol :). With my hubby deployed right now I have been a little more tense than usual, and definitely more absentminded--which is saying something. Solo parenting is a tough field to plow, and some days I feel like I would actually rather be plowing a field than in the home where things can be intense/crazy/hectic/nonstop! I need to laugh more; I need to step back from the situation at hand and find the humor in it, and believe me, there is A LOT to laugh about. 

There are things in life you never think you would hear yourself say. There are things you never think that you will hear. Parenthood has a way of introducing you to these things, and these things are SOME SERIOUS KINDS OF FUNNY! I mean, TOTALLY  TV HIT SERIES's just trying to remember that they are funny while you are in the moment.

Moments when I need to remember that "it's funny."
*When my two year old daughter runs to the breakfast table naked AGAIN, and I say "Remember, we don't come to the table naked."  Five hours later..."Sweetheart...We don't answer the door naked."  In the evening..."You don't climb into the dryer don't climb into the dryer ever, and just remember to always keep your clothes on."
* After my son's two hour long football practice and I am frazzled from chasing my daughter, on the verge of starving and my son runs up while my hands are full of stuff and starts loudly begging, "Can I please, please, PLEASE, grab the flashlight and hunt for Big Foot tonight?"  My tired response..."Not tonight son...Big Foot can wait." I'm sure everyone thinks we are freaks lol.
* It's bedtime and I am wiped out and my son says "Mom! My butt is thundering!!" What does that even mean?? My response, "Let me know if it begins to lightning."
* It's bedtime and my son says "Mom! My butt is dry and I can't stand it!" What does THAT mean? I tell him to shower better, text my mother-in-law regarding my son's "issue" and she texts back saying "put Vaseline on it...he probably has some potpie stuck in there that he missed."  Potpie? REALLY? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh autocorrect, you're sooooo silly!!! :) Ok, so I laughed at that situation like on the spot!

It's apparent that my son has a lot of strange things to say regarding his cute little tush, lol. I won't even begin to go into all of the crazy embarrassing, but hilarious, anatomy questions he has been coming up with lately!! Btw, Lifeway Christian Bookstore has FABULOUS books on puberty and other related topics.

Summing it's funny what I never thought about saying or hearing, and I pray that I remember to keep in mind how funny it all really is when it seems too much to handle at the time.

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