Friday, November 2, 2012

Show Some Lunch Box Lovin'

Who doesn't enjoy receiving a sweet note from someone you love? 

I will give kudos to my hubby who is fantastic when it comes to surprising me with thoughtful written words hidden in places he knows I will see--like a secret message on the bathroom mirror that only shows up from the shower steam, or a card on the kitchen counter waiting for me when I wake up. Ugh, thinking about how wonderful he is makes me miss him even more. Boo to war and deployments! Anyway...little thinking of you/I love you/You are Great notes can definitely add a pep in your step, and when given to your child, that note can really say even more than you ever thought!

I have made it a goal to put a little note in my son's lunch box each time I pack it for him. Sometimes I draw a funny little cartoon with a message. Sometimes I write a thank you note for something he did for me or around the house that I noticed. Sometimes I make a list of all the wonderful things about him. Sometimes I make up a silly poem about how great he is. Sometimes I make up a "to be continued lunchroom saga napkin story," lol. I just want to make him smile throughout the day. I want him to know he is special and wonderful, and appreciated.

I know it's just a lunchbox note, BUT if I for some reason forget to include that handwritten sentiment in his lunch, he is quick to ask me why I forgot--which tells me that it's SO MUCH MORE than JUST a "lunchbox note."

I would love to hear all of the creative ways you say "I love you" to your kiddos. :)

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  1. This is such a sweet idea. I'm sure it blesses your son each day. I need to remember this one!! Thanks for the reminder :)