Tuesday, November 13, 2012

General Petraeus Sex Scandal

Scandal, scandal! Yet another Political Sex Scandal! 

Pic taken from nydailynews.com
Why does this shock me? Why does this shock us, America?  It’s no news that Washington has a history of Sex Scandals dating back to…well…since the VERY BEGINNING! Sex Scandals have written history! David and Bathsheba, anyone? Samson and Delilah, ring a bell? JFK and the voluptuous Marilyn Monroe. Even Benjamin Franklin had his share of mistresses!  I could go on and on!  I could also dive into the psychology of an affair, but I won’t…not today at least, the point is, infidelity has been rocking our world since pretty much the dawn of man.

I think our feathers are all in a ruffle over General Petraeus’ infidelity because we expect MORE from our leaders. Fair or not, our leaders—Political and Spiritual—are held to a higher standard. We TRUST them to always do the right thing! An Officer leads by example, and I am sorry to say, but his example is crippling. Our soldiers and their families have been stretched to the limit, many families have already crumbled under the weight of this war, and the last thing we need to hear about is the World’s Greatest General crumbling his own life.

As an Army wife, this whole thing makes me sick, and my heart goes out to the General’s family. Although my inner redneck woman would like to take a frying pan to the General, my heart hurts for him too. He is, after all, just a man…someone who sins like everyone else. Sin is a funny thing…it’s a very selfish thing ‘cause we never consider who all will be casualties of the crossfire.  I will be praying for Mrs. Petraeus, the General, his children, and for an uprising of moral leaders in our country on the political and spiritual spectrum.  

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