Tuesday, November 27, 2012

God & Science, BFF's

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During my high school years, I remember hearing rumors of picketing parents outside of schools all up in arms about the Theory of Evolution being taught in their child's Biology class. This theory, and much of what Science has to offer, seems to have many Christian's fuming hotter than their torches. I say, "Put down those torches...Science isn't an ogre!" Our faith doesn't have to be bullied by Science and its theories.

God KNOWS science and it doesn't offend Him! Science only proves the existence God. As we seek to learn more about creation, life, elements etc., it only makes us more in awe of our Creator! Everything we see, touch, smell, and hear around us screams "I have an incredible creator." His fingerprints are on all of creation! Why not study science? It's just another way of getting to know the God we were made to know.

A great friend of mine, Purdue University Professor, Erica Carlson--Condensed Matter Physicist & Part Time Apologetics Fanatic (That is my title for her, lol), explains creation and other "things" from a Biblical, Scientific point of view that will ROCK your world! Listen to Erica's podcasts by clicking here and feel free to share them with your friends and family. Even though Erica is ridiculously smart, she is able to explain all of this "sciencie stuff" in a way that is easy to grasp. After listening, I found myself even more in amazed by God...and more aware of how BIG and POWERFUL and GENIUS He is!

Wanna hear more about God and Science shaking hands? Check out apologetics.com

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