Sunday, November 4, 2012

God at the Voting Booth

Oh MY-LANTA! Was anyone at Hilldale Baptist Church this morning to hear Bro. Larry lay the smack down on what God thinks about the Presidential election? Whew! I'm sweating right now just thinking back on it! I was all fidgety waiting for some kind of outburst, lol. Seriously, I did not hear one Amen during the sermon, lol...I think we all feared a political riot! 

 Don't get me wrong, IT WAS A GREAT SERMON, AND FULL OF TRUTH, but when you talk politics and religion at the same time...well, let's just say I'm sure some pacemakers in that sanctuary were fluttering!  Bro. Larry was on FI-YA today! Sizzzzzlllle!

Highlights from the Sermon:
*God doesn't pick political sides...He is his own side (That kinda sounds like a Chuck Norris joke)
*God cares about all things, but who is in office is not going to change the fact that He is in control and still has a plan that can't be thwarted
*The outcome of elections gives us a glimpse of what the heart of America really looks like, and it's not a pretty sight right now
*What if Christians voted for Biblical values instead of their political party.

I've tried to live my life by making decisions based on what Jesus would do...and no I never wore a WWJD bracelet, or maybe I did in middle school, but in my defense, they were cool then.  Being a follower of Jesus is more than just saying you believe in him-- it's how you live, act, and talk that shows you are believer--and this applies to me even when I am in the polling booth. When it comes to voting, believers should vote for God and the things He stands for. Don't be silly, God's name isn't on the ballot, but we can vote for the person that represents the things that God has already voted for--note that I am about to steal my notes from Bro. Larry's sermon today.

These are the things that God has already voted for--the things He represents, and so should we as followers of Christ.
1: Protecting the lives of our unborn children. Abortion is a hot button topic, but God is clear on this. All life is sacred, and the killing of innocent unborn children is unacceptable.
2: The sanctity of marriage. God is very specific on how He designed marriage to be--between one man and one woman, and for our society to try to redefine what marriage means only leads us down a path we shouldn't go.
3: Religious liberty. God gives free will...we have the God-given right to accept or reject our creator, and our religious freedom is protected under the 1st Amendment.   However our religious freedom is being threatened...not cool.
4: God has already voted on Israels sovereignty. A nation that allies with Israel is wise...they are God's chosen and He says "I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you." I'm not into being cursed.

When we vote on Tues, let's vote for the candidate that supports the things God has already voted for. I know the choice can be difficult, confusing and down right frustrating, but pray about it. Ask God to give you wisdom when you dive into the polling booth on Tuesday (and I'm sure that means you will vote for the same person I am voting JOKING! :) )

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