Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life's Mortifying Moments

I've had some whoppers when it comes to mortify-ingly embarrassing moments, many of which, I just flat out REFUSE to share on the blog-o-sphere. Today, however, I had a pretty horrible/awkward/mortifying moment that I just have to share!

My son is used to my crazy antics. Singing and dancing around the house, making goofy faces, and just being silly. He has pretty much seen it all from me putting spaghetti noodles in my hair just to see if he notices to making strange smoothies and seeing how long it takes me to chug it. Basically, my son often has a big kid for a mother...which has many benefits. I am a stickler on manners, respect, hard work and doing your best, but I also like to have a good time with the kiddos just goofing off with them.

 Officially my son saw me do the craziest thing today which tops MY PERSONAL chart of Mortifying Moments (Yup, I have a chart!!). Awkward/Mortifying moment of the day: While doing sit-ups in my bathroom floor--naked-- before hopping into the shower, my son walks in!!! I'm blushing right now!! HORRIBLE MOMENT! Fortunately, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, my scream seemed to blur his vision which miraculously allowed me time to grab a towel! 

He said, "Um, Mom...what are you doing?"  The smarty pants in me wanted to say "Trying to fix what you and your sister did to my stomach," but I figured that was not only rude, and unloving to say but would probably result in intense therapy later in his life. Instead, I just stuttered, finally able to spit out, "I'm exercising."  "That's weird, Mom," was all I got in reply. Nice. 

Any Mortifying Moments you all care to share??

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