Friday, December 28, 2012

Keeping Your Kids Healthy Naturally: Interview with Lisa Smith

Today we welcome Lisa Smith, a Natural Health & Wellness Consultant with Shaklee for over 20 years. Lisa is here today to share with us about how she keeps her family healthy all year long naturally and provides a nice life for her family through Shaklee Health and Wellness Products. 

Lisa: That's right! First of all, thank you Hannah for inviting me on your blog! I know you love the Shaklee products as well and have had great results with your son who struggled with eczema. 
Yes, I love the products and my son doesn't struggle with eczema or earaches anymore. I could go on and on about Shaklee, but Lisa, I would love for you to share your story.  Would you begin by sharing with everyone what Shaklee is?

Lisa Smith and Family
Lisa: Well, Shaklee has been the nation's number one natural health and wellness company for over 50 years. The products are always safe, always natural and always guaranteed to work--we have the research from the nation's leading health professionals to prove it. Our products have even been featured on Oprah and Dr. Oz. 
Thank you, Lisa. Can you tell us your story and how Shaklee has helped your family?
Lisa: Sure.  My father introduced me to Shaklee in 1985. He began using Shaklee Basic H which is a natural cleaning product, on his farmground as a soil enhancer. Shaklee nutrition made a big difference in the health of my parents as well.
I have been using Shaklee products for 25 years and have had great health benefits for myself and my family. We started our business with Shaklee along with my cosmetology career in 1984. I used the skincare and cosmetics on all of the clients in my salon. In 1992 I closed my hair salon and went full time in Shaklee. I have been a stay at home mom for the past 21 years enjoying a GREAT lifestyle along with our family.

We have 3 boys Joshua-21, Jacob-18, Noah-11. They have been raised on Shaklee products and have enjoyed great health. We have had only 2 antibiotics between the three boys in 21 years and only 1 of our sons has had an ear infection.

I have to interrupt here. Did you say in 21 years of parenting only one of your sons has had an ear infection and you have only had 2 antibiotic prescriptions.  That is unheard of!

Lisa: Yes, that's right. Just two antibiotics and one ear infection. You know, Hannah, God gave us awesome bodies and when we give them the nutrition they need, it's amazing what kind of healing can take place. 
How has Shaklee changed your family's life financially?
Lisa: Hannah, I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing this business has been. When my husband was laid off, our Shaklee income was all we had, and without it meant our family would have sunk. Right now I make over $100,000 every year and have made over a million dollars in this business since I started. I did all of this in the middle of a cornfield in Indiana all by just helping people out. When you share Shaklee, you change get to give health. I am the luckiest woman a live because I get to help others every single day and make a living doing it. So far,through Shaklee, we have been on 20 all expense paid trips from Shaklee including such beautiful places as: Maui, Hawaii, the Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaii, 5 Caribbean cruises, an Alaskan Cruise, Barcelona, Spain, San Diego, California, New Orleans, Louisianna, and Vancouver, Canada, and most recently Atlantis, Bahamas.
Our oldest son Joshua graduated with a Bachelors degree in animation from the Art Institute of Indianapolis. He recently became a FAST TRACK DIRECTOR and has decided to build a Shaklee business to help pay off his college debt! Our son Jacob also wants to build a Shaklee business when he turns 18 this summer! It is exciting when your children want to build a Shaklee career with you! 
We thank God everyday for our Shaklee business.
What advice would you give Momma's out there wanting to keep their family's healthy all year long the natural way?
Lisa: I would tell them to call you up right now Hannah and start their children out on the Shaklee products. Start with the cleaners. It's important to get the toxic things out of your home. Then move on the vitamins. I would love to talk with your viewers to share more info on Shaklee products.
Lisa, thank you for sharing with us today!
No problem!! Here's to your and your viewer's health! :) 

Lisa Would Love to Hear From You! Tell her Hannah says Hi!


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