Saturday, March 23, 2013

Beating the Easter Blues: What to Do While Your Honey's Away

It's difficult to celebrate Special Occasions and Holidays when your spouse is deployed, or away for training. It's hard to feel like celebrating when the one you love can't be there to join in on the traditions, fun and laughter.

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With Easter next week, I can't stop from wondering what our family would be doing this year if my husband were home. Where would we have went for Easter dinner? Together, we would have taken the kids to see the Passion Play at our church, and together we would talk to them about the importance of Easter in our Christian faith. I wonder how many ugly eggs my hubby and the kids would insist on coloring? Where could we hide the eggs that would keep the kids busy long enough for he and I to raid their Easter baskets, lol....we would NEVER do that.

The memories keep me going through times like this; I'd say they keep most of us going during the deployment. My memories equal hope. I think of the good times, how they make me feel, the laughs that were shared, and those memories allow me to hope for the future--that there will be even more good times to come. Easter is a good time to be filled with hope; after all, Easter is all about hope.

There are many Military families missing their loved ones this year, I just want to take a minute and encourage you. Hang in there. In the words of my Momma, "Paste that smile on, and go on." Acknowledge that you don't feel like celebrating. Cry about it if you must over a bag of those awesome Hershey candy coated eggs and a glass of milk (I may or may not have done that, lol). Once you've acknowledged these feelings, go on and get your celebrate on! Make yourself if you have to, because you need to, because your children need you to, because the others going through the same battle need you to.

Think of the good times and know more are on their way.

Beat the Easter Blues: Tips for Making this a Memorable Easter Even With Your Spouse Afar:
  1.  Find a church to attend for Easter Sunday: If you haven't heard about the hope Easter is about, it's about time you heard it. :)
  2.  If you're close to family, go home and hang out with them.
  3.  If you're far from family, get together with friends and play games, talk, eat, laugh, hunt for eggs!
  4. Color Easter Eggs with your family, or start a new Easter Deployment Tradition; maybe it's making a special breakfast, or playing bunny freeze tag where everyone hops around like bunnies---it's a blast and a calorie blaster! Be creative, and have fun.
  5. Talk openly with your kids about the deployment, and how they feel about their parent missing Easter and other special occasions. Have them think of things they will do next year when their soldier is home.
  6. Remember that traveling any road alone is lonely; if you're feeling down or need to share some exciting news, there's nothing like a good friend to do life with. If you don't already have someone you can confide in while your hubby/spouse is gone, and even when they're home, I would highly suggest you pray God sends you one.
  7. HAVE FUN! Whatever you do this Easter, and while your soldier is deployed, try to have fun and laugh. Anytime your soldier is away, is just plain stressful. Laughter is a good prescription for stress.


  1. Thinking of you! Praying comfort for your sweet family. And praying a quick and safe return of your husband. Love in Christ, Ginger

    1. Thank you Ginger! :) I'm blessed to have you as a friend. :)