Friday, June 7, 2013

Redeployment Ready: The Crazy Ways We Prepare

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Oh, I've been more than ready for this deployment to end. For months I've been wishing time would fly faster, and honestly it  has flown. 

At the beginning of the deployment I made a to do list  of all the things I wanted to accomplish while my hubby was away. I'll get to the list later, but today I want to discuss all the ways I'm preparing for his return.

click here to see my deployment list update (some things just didn't get done, lol)

It's occurred to me that we, Military Wives, do some crazy stuff to get ready for our Other Half to come home. Some things are down right comical. For example, I have a good friend that went on a very special waxing adventure before her husband came will not go into details, just know that it didn't turn out the way she had hoped. Good times. 

Losing weight, and toning up seem to be the default things to do when our hubbies are away. Do you even wanna know how much of my money has went to Jillian Michael's workout videos? I'm telling ya, it's almost shameful.

Me with Henna Hannah Hair!
We buy bronzing creams, new unmentionables (wink), search for the perfect dress to greet our man in, schedule hair/nail appointments, or dye our own hair (see my pics), and hit the tanning beds 'cause every lady knows that if you can't get rid of fat, you might as well tan it. After months of not shaving on a regular basis--oh, don't judge me, lol, if you're hubby was gone, you would totally take a hiatus from shaving--anyway...I'm in the market for a fancy new razor. Any recommendations? My Dad suggests I start with some lawn clippers, lol, totally joking.

This is Henna, not baby poo
So yes, in lots of crazy ways I'm preparing for my husband's return, but I want to! I want to be the best possible version of me for him, because he's my husband. You know, I LOVE how giddy his return makes me feel. After nearly 10 years of marriage I feel like it's the night before our wedding, but better. I now know my husband on a deeper level, and I now have a working knowledge of what love really is, and what it isn't. I can't wait to be with him again! 

...And I can't help but see the spiritual parallels to all my preparation. The Bible makes many references to Brides and Bridegrooms.

"[...]and his bride has prepared herself.
She has been given the finest of pure white linen to wear.” Rev 19: 8

Just like I should never stop preparing myself for my husband, I should never stop preparing myself for God. The greatest way I can prepare myself for my husband, is to become even more spiritually fit. The closer I get to God, the closer I get to my Spouse...that's just how it works.

So what about you? How do you get Redeployment Ready? Or Spiritually fit? I 'd love to hear from ya. :) 



  1. Thanks for this Hannah :) I sure know i am going to be more than ready when my husband gets home!!! We will have to do a few double dates soon

  2. Hey Missy!! :) Thanks for reading! :) Um, yes, on the double dates!! :) I miss hanging with ya'll! :)