Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Creation: More Than Your Pinterest Worthy Self

Something Old, Something New. Something or Someone Refurbished, Maybe...Like You?

“You want me to what?” My Dad listened as I tried to explain the vision I had for an old window found in my in-laws attic.

 “You know, Dad. Make it look old.” Not to brag, but my Dad’s a pretty swell carpenter. “Hit it with a hammer…put a few holes in it.”
It couldn’t be the first time someone had asked him to antique something.
He scratched his head full of greying hair, obviously baffled at my request. “You want me to take this old window, clean it up, and make it look old again.”
“Yup.” He totally got it. “It will make a perfect picture frame.”
“But it’s a window. An old window.” Maybe he didn’t get it.
Maybe old, but definitely beautiful. Solid, long, and outlined with squares of stained glass, this window all but begged to hold my family photos. Should I put it above the couch or in the kitchen? I’m still not sure. Either way, it will be GORGEOUS!
Compliments of L Photography
God helped restore our marriage
and make it MORE than Pinterest-Worthy
Give me rust, chipped paint, broken, bent, dented, and dinged. It’s not old, it’s full of potential. Dilapidated barns. That fixer upper starter home. A cracked rocking chair. I can’t help but see the beauty in the run down, thrown out, and pitched. Don’t you?

I think you do. I think we all do.
It’s sweeping the nation—that refurbished Pinterest worthy artifact. Recycling is now up-cycling. Twenty five ways to reuse mason jars, which, by the way, make the BEST tumblers (Check out my how to make your own). How-to videos on distressing furniture, antiquing techniques—they’re all the rage. The old look is now the new thing.

It’s like, America’s junk pile has become the place to find that chic, shabby, trendy item for our home, and to be perfectly honest, I LOVE THIS CONCEPT!
You know why I love it? The same reason you do. There’s something redeeming, deep, and strangely familiar with taking something old, and creating something new.
It’s what God did for us. He looked at us, a junk pile—broken, dirty, dented, and distressed. He saw potential. He saw what we could be with Him, and He extended a hand. For those of us who reached out, he picked us up and turned us into a new creation, something more than Pinterest worthy. All things restored, the old has gone, the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17).
Beautiful, right?
Have you reached out to grab the hand of your Creator? I'd love to hear your new creation story, or what God has restored in your life. Maybe a relationship? Maybe you've experienced freedom in Christ for the first time? I'd love to hear!

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