Friday, January 31, 2014

My Life in Deep POV: Sharpening My Writing Craft


Welcome to the world of writing. 

I've always loved a good story. Loved to read one, loved to write one, listen to one, dream one up. Good times. Good times.

When it came time take that step to cranking out a novel, I soon found out I had some learning to do about writing.

So, I began asking for advice from authors and writers, who by the way, were all very kind and willing to help people in the world! Francine Rivers and Beth Moore even took the time to respond to my questions (SQUEAL!). Everyone kept telling me, "Keep writing. Join a critique group, and read craft books."

Me: "Okay. Keep writing. Check. Critique group. Got it." Fist pump. "Craft books? Um, like knitting or soap making?" How was that going to help?

The confused author answering me probably rolled her eyes into the computer screen.  "No. Actual books on the craft/process/skill of writing. Not soap making or knitting."

Me: "Oh." Blush. Head scratch. "Did I mention I'm a natural blonde?"

So. Needless to say, I hopped onto Amazon, ordered me some WRITING craft books and dug in. Deep POV, or Deep Point of View was one of the writing craft concepts that had me pulling my hair. I could tell a story, I could, but how did I make it deep? What did that mean??? Oh the insanity!!

After much hair pulling (metaphorically speaking, of course), I learned that Deep POV is simply writing as if you were the character, so much that the reader will actually experience the ups, downs, ins and outs of the book as if he/she were the character. Deep POV attaches the reader to the novel, and it may or may not cause the writer/author to need therapy after typing The End. :)

Deep POV is cutting out "he said, she said" as much as possible. It's inserting comments, and snippets that the character would say, think, feel. It's expressing mannerisms, physical and emotional responses and reactions. It's A LOT OF WORK, especially since I'm just learning how to wield this new writer's weapon.

Practice makes perfect, so I've been practicing, and practicing. And practicing. STILL not perfect, lol! But I keep on keep'n on!

One of the tools I've found VERY helpful is a short little book by Jill Elizabeth Nelson, called Rivet Your Readers With Deep Point of View. She offers several exercises on learning to write in Deep POV. Using her exercise template of Shallow POV vs. Deep POV, I'm going to show you examples of my life in Deep POV. Afterward, you can show me your own! Fun, FUN!

Shallow: With smug satisfaction, she tossed the empty laundry basket aside.

Deep: She smirked, and tossed the basket aside. Take that empty laundry basket. Conquering Mt. Pile O' Clothes was quite an achievement.

See the difference? I'm not telling you what I'm feeling, I'm showing you, letting you experience it as if you were me!

Let's do another!

Shallow: She knew the toilet ring wasn't going to disappear by itself, and she sighed knowing she'd have to be the one to clean it.

Deep: "It has to be done." That toilet ring was severe. She snapped on a pair of gloves and sighed. With any luck, it wouldn't take too long.

Okay, my Reader Friends! It's your turn! What are you examples of Shallow vs. Deep! Make me laugh! :)

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