Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Forgive me Lord...I killed a caterpillar...

Did I even spell caterpillar correctly? I think so 'cause it's not showing up on auto-correct--which I have a love hate relationship with currently. My hubby sent me a text the other night that said "I love you sweet feet." Um...okay?? What? Immediately after that text he sent another saying "Hahahaha, auto-correct. I meant sweet cheeks!"  Nice! :) It was good for a laugh. Oh're so silly! Anyway, life seems to be handing our family a lot of lemons lately...good thing I have an amazing recipe for lemonade! It's been a week today since my cousin committed suicide, and this morning I got a phone call from my hubby's Aunt informing me that Oma (my husband's grandmother) had passed away. My stomach just knotted up at the news and OF COURSE Stephen is gone right now...ugh...delivering bad news over the phone is just awful! On the bright side, it looks like he will be able to come home for the funeral....I just wish he was coming home for a happier occasion.

Emotionally, this week has been exhausting! Death makes you think of, well,...death...all death...your death...the death of loved ones. It makes you wonder who you will see in heaven...and it makes you wonder who won't be there. I've been thinking a lot this week on the concept of "once saved, always saved," meaning that once you have asked Jesus into your heart that you can never lose your salvation. I believe that...but the real question is, "Was the person saved in the first place?" A Christian's life should show evidence of their salvation...TOTALLY NOT TO SAY we are perfect...we mess up (I mess up all of the when I spaz on my kids or when I  killed that caterpillar out of anger--I will tell that story in a sec). It's a misconception to think we can say we are a Christian, ask Jesus into our hearts and then live like the world....but people do it all of the time....and if that's the case, we need to check ourselves to make sure what we have is the real thing and not settling for some knock-off.

Because this week has been so strenuous I have forced myself to find humor in the daily happenings of life this week...bare with me, and at least pretend to smile--it will make me feel better :)
* A caterpillar murdered my beautiful bell pepper plant, so naturally, I waged war on the critter. I am usually an advocate of caterpillars 'cause I love butterflies, but this little sucker picked on the wrong person's garden and met his maker. I felt guilty after killing him and seriously asked for forgiveness, lol...I'm so silly.
* I learned how to sort of, kind of, put football gear on my son after several attempts of shoving his head into the helmet with so many fails that ended with him shouting "MY EARS ARE COMING OFF!" All of the other parents were laughing at me on the inside...I could totally tell; OR they were about to call child protective services on me...
*My daughter successfully learned to take her diaper off...and in the most random of places--football practice, during dinner, nap time. The girl is a real Houdini! Oh what fun, lol. Yesterday, as I crammed my son into his football gear (at home this time to escape the view of other parents), my daughter ran around the living room with her bare bottom showing and diaper in hand. I had to stop and laugh...a few hours later.
* Any story that starts with "I was in the bathroom when..." is going to be awkward, so just know that duck waddling to get toilet paper so happened this week!

Since laughter is the best medicine...I'm trying to find it in huge doses right now! :)

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