Thursday, September 27, 2012

Once Upon a Time--Sounds A Lot Like A Bible Story To Me!

Once Upon A Time

With the onset of Fall brings back dearly missed sitcoms--one of which, Once Upon a Time, is being welcomed back with open arms. Yes, there are nay-sayers who would like to make fun of this show and to you I say, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING!

I don't completely understand the psychology of a good lure, but somehow, someway, this show has it. Yes, Yes, I know these are just retold fairy tale stories, but still--it's captivating!  Hulu and I have a date on Monday evening after I read the spoiler alerts after it has premiered on Sunday.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't help but notice how the story line parallels The Greatest Story Ever Told--that being the story of Jesus of course. Before you skip to the next blog, hear me out. Think about it for a second. Once upon a time an evil witch (the evil queen) casts a curse on the entire earth; no one was exempt and there was only one way out (the enchanted tree), and the one who made it out (Emma Swan) would one day return to bring the curse and free the people. Now! Seriously! Tell me that doesn't sound just a little spiritual to you! Let me break it down: Once upon a time sin entered the world destroying everything in its path; no one was exempt, but there was one way out--Jesus. By dying on the cross He created a way out for those willing to believe and follow him, and He too will one day return for His people and put the curse and the one who cast it in its rightful place. 

No kidding, this same message is found in most noteworthy books and movies. Like Harry Potter. There are some seriously spiritual concepts in that movie (way too many to touch on here). Star Wars has many Biblical truths,  even Twilight dances with the spiritual idea of a war within oneself---the good versus evil struggle that the Bible clearly hits on as we as believers struggle with the things we should and shouldn't do. Most successful stories have a problem and a hero who sacrifices to provide a solution. It's like this universal truth in storytelling and I honestly believe it's God's way of revealing His story to us in anyway He can. We relate to stories...maybe that's why Jesus spoke in parables....hmm...perhaps the movies and books we read today are like modern day parables.

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