Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello Fall! My How I've Missed You!

Please applaud for the beginning of Fall! Summer will be missed; we said our goodbyes with a commemorative Sonic Happy Hour Half Off slushy and then embraced the Fall Season with a hot cup of apple cider! 

Saturday--the debut of Fall--was beautiful! The air, the sky, the breeze! Completely ideal for Fall's first appearance! I Watched a little Jr. Pro Football followed by a family trip to the pumpkin patch at Riverview Mounds Farm. If you live in the Clarksville, TN area, YOU HAVE TO VISIT Riverview Mounds! Lots of fun to be had by all! Yes, my inner child was released as I heehawed at the donkeys, gobbled at a turkey, went down the pipe slide--a little too fast I might add, conquered a wall of tires, and attempted to win a walk & roll pipe race (I totally should have won...the kid beside me totally cheated...everyone knew it!). My kids and I could have stayed all day...we may just do that next Saturday! Looking around the farm got me thinking "I could do this! I could own a pumpkin patch one day, set up an awesome barn and host amazing family fun activities!" I think I'm going to add "Own a farm/pumpkin patch" to my bucket list!

So Saturday was a fantastically fun family day! Best day ever! Picture perfect! So perfect, it made me wanna take the back roads! So after the Jr. Pro Football game and trip to the farm,  I loaded up the kids and we drove those winding Tennessee roads with our windows down until I found a gravel drive....:) ....then drove a little further just to enjoy the sound of the gravel underneath my tires--one of the greatest sounds on earth.

Oh Fall! How I love thee...let me count the ways! 1...2...3...88...99...150...WAY TOO MANY TO's just a few reason Fall is amazing:

The Beautiful Trees, the falling and rustling of the leaves! The crisp cool wind, and the pumpkin desserts that seem to have no end! Hayrides, Hot Chocolate, S'mores...and Pumpkin Chai Lattes galore! Flannel and Fleece to keep us warm, while the fragrant scents of pear and apple fill our home! A little bit of football, some tailgating too; Welcome Fall, We have missed you!

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