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Guest Blogger:Musician/Worship Leader Jamie Worley

Jam'n With Jamie! 

Music! We love it, can't get enough of it! It's rocks us to our core, pumps us up, and takes us back in time. God knew what he was doing when He thought of music. Today we want to talk with a musician that uses his talents to lead worship at Hilldale Baptist Church in Clarksville, TN. Everyone welcome Jamie Worley!

Jamie, thank you for joining me on my blog today! 

 Privileged to say the least, Honored.

Let’s go ahead and dive in so we can get to know you better. Who is Jamie Worley? What are you about? Jamie Worley is a 40 year old man just trying to figure out Life. I try to learn everyday how to be a better Follower of Christ, Father, Husband, and friend. I’m an Army Veteran. A Musician, and a Massage Therapist.

 Tell us how you became a Music Leader:
      10 years ago my life was stagnant. I had a steady job, living with my girlfriend (now wife) and two small girls..... Basically just "doing life". I was a believer but seldom attended church (hit-n-miss). I only prayed or sought the Lord during times of trouble or when I wanted things to go my way. Jesus was more of a "Santa like" figure to me, and I certainly didn't treat him as my Lord (insert coin, hope for prize). I was as Craig Groeschel would say, a "practical atheist". I technically believed in God, but I behaved immorally most of the time. I was one of those ones destined to be "spat out" after I died. 
        In the summer of 2003 my Mother called me from S.C. to inform me that my younger and only sister Tami Worley, had committed suicide. Tami's 15 year battle with severe Bi-polar Disorder ended in tragedy. The pain was more devastating to me than any other painful event in my 30 years, and I've had plenty. My entire life I had treated Tami very bad, I disliked her....even hated her during our adolescent years. So, I carried the guilt, and it chipped away at me. Her death haunted me.
       The days that followed brought me to the lowest point of my life. Her death however became a crucial and pivotal point for me. I began seeking the Lord fully. At first it was to find answers and to help cope with the pain. Needless to say this began a Love affair in my soul with the person of Jesus. 
         Soon after that, the people in my church began to realize that I played guitar and the next thing I knew I was playing in the praise band. Romans 8:28 says: and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to HIS purpose. After many months I was asked to lead a song, "What, you want me to sing, I don't know how"? Yikes! But I did it and to my surprise, I am still doing it today. 
        So, 10 years ago I began a new journey. This began with leading Worship for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! My life has never been the same. I am passionately enjoying & growing in my faith and very interested in where God is going to take me!

Wow, Jamie. That's an incredible testimony! Tell us, what is the mission for the music you play?
       My Hope is that I can somehow create an Atmosphere where individual’s hearts connect with their Creator, Jesus Christ. I want to help people know, they were Made to Worship, and that missing link…that feeling that can’t be filled by no other means…..has a voice and a name. Which is Jesus

Do you have an audio or video sample you could share with the viewers?
      My cd is on ITunes and each track can be heard at 
Do you have a life verse that inspires you?
      Proverbs 1:7. This was my first memory verse. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction”

Do you agree or disagree with the following quotes:
     1: Without music, life would be a mistake. ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (I don’t know who that is, lol)
         I would have to disagree with The German philosopher Nietzsche. We have a Deaf community in our church and they seem to think life is pretty good. I would love for Nietzsche (who coined the phrase “God is dead” to hear Crowder sing, My Gods Not Dead, He’s surely alive”

     2: Music is what feelings sound like ~Author Unknown (And I obviously don’t know who that is)
            Songs are born out of feelings sometimes, so maybe

Now I’m going to ask things I wonder but would never ask out loud, lol :
    1: In your opinion, what would Jesus listen to? I know He likes all types of music, yes, yes, I get that. BUT…in YOUR opinion, what would be on Jesus’ iPod? Lol 
    I think he has Holy, Holy, Holy on shuffle. Seems to be catching on around the throne.

   2: Sometimes I hear a Christian song and feel guilty for not liking it. Ugh, I know. How can I not like a song about God, right? That’s why I feel guilt, especially when I “skim” past the bluegrass Gospel station (sorry guys, even though I’m from Kentucky, I can only handle so much twang and banjo before my eyes cross). Do you ever hear a Christian song and feel guilty for not liking it? 
    Not at all. God has created us for likes and dislikes. He made mushrooms, but I don’t think it bothers him that I don’t like them. Culture tends to dictate that in all of us I believe.

   3: An English Teacher friend of mine had her students create a soundtrack of their life and write about why they chose the songs. I have since secretly thought about my own life soundtrack. I like to think mine begins with the Forrest Gump theme, then morphs into the Rocky Theme…somewhere along the way ACDC pops in with Back in Black because it’s awesome, and then I switch over to some DC TALK old school style when I feel my life call’s for some rap. Of course the folk sounds of string guitars, fiddles, and banjos make their debut in the soundtrack of my life when I’m driving back roads. What would the soundtrack of your life sound like?
 It would start with some 70’s singer-songwriter stuff. Since I was born in 1972…hints of James Taylor, Carol King….disco Bee Gees….Earth wind and fire…..then 80’s RUN DMC, I was a break-dancer. Then Metal years……lots and lots of metal Van Halen, then Punk Rock and Grunge, then finally Psalms……..the heart of the matter.

Fun with Jamie:
1: A song that makes you cry (Ugh, Safe in My Arms by Plumb makes me weep like a baby!):
Eden by Phil Wickham

2: First instrument you learned to play: Guitar

3: Finish this Sentence: Music is like ___Syrup__________. It makes my heart ___sweet______________.

4: Musicians that you dig (I won’t judge you if you mention “secular” artists, lol )
Josh Rouse (friend from back in the day), Dave Matthews Band, Jon Mayer, James Taylor, Jon Foreman, Phil Wickham

5: The food you would most love to write a song for: Avocadoes

6: The book of Psalms is a BIG book of Songs. Do you have a favorite one? Psalm 150 (why do people freak on the dancing part)

7: What color would music be? White, it’s all the colors mixed

8: If you weren’t a musician, what would you be? Rapper…no pun intended, Ha! 

9: Do you play music for your wife? (If not, then you may want to start…I’m just sayin’. ) Yes, she tells me when it sucks, ha!

10: Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself: 
I have many tattoos. They actually landed me on stage with Kevin James (comedian) he did a bit on me because I had the most in the crowd.
I hate Chalk or anything that has that feeling, like the white powder stuff on Balloons, I will stop breathing if I get that feeling!
I’m very hard on myself

Thank you Jamie for being here with us again! Feel free to contact Jamie and tell him how awesome he is! His info is below. Be sure to check out his site and download his music. :) 

Contact Jamie:
Facebook: Jamie Worley, and Jamie Worley Music


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