Friday, May 17, 2013

On Days When I Need A Laugh

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Like Today.

Is it just me or do all the kiddos seem to be rowdier than usual? Ah. It must be the end of the school year! I dare say this time of the year is almost equivalent to the excitement felt at Christmastime. I feel the pool calling my name. But before I can sink my toes in the cool waters of a community pool, I need to make it until Memorial Day Weekend. I'm praying I can make it, but with one hyper child bouncing off the walls with a condition known as "can't-wait-for -summer-itis" and the other having torrential melt-downs because something doesn't go her way, I just don't know if I can hold on!!

Besides busting out my fav Bible verses, giving myself pep-talks, and deep breathing, I've also included laughing in my prescribed remedies for crazy stressful moments/days/weeks when I feel as if I'm gonna explode.

I've discovered that laughing really does help lift my mood, and ability to manage my stress level! :) It also works with the kiddos...I just need to remember to help to turn their screaming into laughter. :)

So whenever I'm feeling stressed, or grumpy, I yell for the kids (in a pleasant tone of course, :) ) and we check out our favorite youtube videos that have us hee-hawing within minutes! If you have a few minutes to laugh, check out our top picks are sure to bring a smile to your face, if not a hearty chuckle. ENJOY!

That song was my ringtone forever!

I think that goat can really hit the high notes!


This Church, Vintage Church, put out videos about the misconceptions of Jesus and Christianity. So funny and true! BUT it's  the kind of that funny you feel sort of guilty for laughing. 

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